Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Managing Lymphoedema Naturally

lymphoedema managementFor those suffering from Lymphoedema, Intouch are now able to work with you to manage this condition. Training with the Lymphoedema Academy Australia has enabled our therapist to fully care for a lymphoedema patient, we can aid in reducing limb size with manual lymphatic drainage and the latest in bandaging techniques to assist limb integrity and comfort.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

The 4 main components of M.L.D.T. are:

  1. Skin Care ( conditioning the skin helps dryness & infections)
  2. Lymphatic drainage (promotes lymph flow, reducing limb size)
  3. Compression Bandaging or substitute wraps (It increases the effectiveness of the muscle pump mechanism)
  4. Exercise, to stimulate the lymphatic system & a Healthy Diet.

Education for self-care management is also shown as this is essential for maintaining a lymphoedema limb. In some cases support stocking are required on a regular basis.