Dry Needling

Treating myofascial pain

dry needlingDry needling is an effective treatment to treat myofascial pain and dysfunction. Myofascial Dry Needling derives from acupuncture and specifically targets trouble spots known as "trigger-points". These acutely contracted muscle bundles are "deactivated" and released with a super-fine acupuncture needle. This approach is more anatomically based, and focuses on key areas of concern, as assessed by the therapist.

Following a dry-needle treatment, some local pain or tenderness is common, but is easily mitigated with a heat pack. This treatment benefits patients with postural, holding-pattern and chronic-pain problems. In these treatments we are only focusing in on the soft muscle tissue pain areas and differs to acupuncture in that we are not using a traditional medicine approach. In todays treatments, clients are using this medium as an addition to massage services. Highly effective in reducing pain levels and muscle tension.