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The alternative in Health, Healing and Fitness

alternate healthIntouch was founded in 2003 within the eastern suburbs of Sydney by Sally Harris that aims to promote life enhancing solutions to those that are seeking alternatives in healing, health and fitness.

In todays world we all seem to be working longer, playing harder and coping with greater stressors but what are we doing to reward ourselves for all this extra workload? Vacations for your body should be incorporated into your way of life rather than wait for your annual holiday times. We are still neglecting the importance of looking after our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing from a preventative perspective.

Sally's passion in health and sports has bred an understanding of the concerns of those suffering from acute and chronic pain and also those wishing to make better life choices.

Sally and the Team at Intouch promote smarter options for their clients that are tailored individually to suit their needs and lifestyle. Investing in yourself is a win/win for all concerned. We are excited to be offering our treatments to residents, visitors, functions, sporting events and corporate days to the Gold Coast region.

We invite you to browse through our website, visit us or contact us for further information.